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Advanced Nutrients Microbial Munch

Various microbes are known to be beneficial to plants. Not only do these microbes help with nutrient absorption, they can counter harmful microbes to help promote plant health. While there are many naturally occurring microbes in soil, adding known beneficial microbes as a supplement can be a great advantage, especially for indoor growing. With all the help these microbes can provide, it is best to ensure they have all the nutrients necessary to help them replicate and sustain them for extended periods. But how? Advanced Nutrients has the answer, Microbial Munch.

Microbes have four main growth phases. First, the lag phase, which is essentially an incubation period where there is a delay between initial exposure and massive population growth. Second, the exponential growth phase, where the microbe population expands rapidly, doubling in size over and over. Exponential growth is the phase most beneficial to plants. Third, the stationary phase, which is where the population begins to stagnate as limited resources force a population balance. Last is the death phase, which just as it sounds, is the tapering off of the microbe population until they die off.

The goal of Microbial Munch is to shorten the lag phase, extend the growth phase, and delay the stationary and death phases. Microbial Munch is essentially food for beneficial microbes. It was developed by plant scientists, and they ended up with a product that maximizes the efficacy of microbes.

Microbial munch is a specific blend of Sucrose, D-Glucose Non GMO, Di Potassium Phosphate, Magnesium Sulfate, Yeast Extract, and Ammonium Sulfate. This blend has been tested and found to be the best at promoting growth to beneficial microbes, which in turn promote growth to your plants, resulting in healthy plants and large yields.

Stop by Hydro Pros in Michigan and pick up some Advanced Nutrients Microbial Munch to give your beneficial microbes the edge they need and protect your investment. Don’t forget to ask about other Advanced Nutrients products which can give your plants the boost they need.