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Necessary Indoor Garden Supplies in Utica

Many people wonder what is involved in starting an indoor garden. With more and more people wanting to grow their own for medical purposes, it’s time to take a look at the necessary indoor garden supplies in Chesterfield.

Indoor Garden Supplies in Utica: Exhaust Fans

Air quality, circulation and temperature are important for any indoor garden. Exhaust fans are needed to pull fresh air in and push the warm air out of a room. One of the more popular indoor garden supplies in Chesterfield is ducting that goes along with the exhaust fans. This helps to reduce the temperature of the air in the room and gives circulation and fresh air to the plants.

Indoor Garden Supplies in Chesterfield: Lighting

Every indoor garden needs good lighting. How many lights are needed will depend on the amount of plants one has and how large the garden is. A full lighting system requires a hood, bulb and ballast. Lighting is by far the most important aspect of an indoor garden.

Temperature Control

In a perfect world, every indoor garden would have a central air system that keeps the temperature of the room consistent. Most people try to keep the temperature of their room consistent at around 72 to 76 degrees. A temperature that is too high will kill the plants. A temperature that is too low can cause disease, like mildew.


The kind of hardware a person needs depends largely on the room they are working in. Some rooms are as easy as sticking in a few hooks and hanging wire and others require separation walls.

Odor Control

Odor can be dealt with via a two pronged attack. Charcoal carbon filters can be used to run the exhaust fans and an ionizer can be kept on hand in case of an emergency.

CO2 Emitters

CO2 emitters can be worth integrating. Once an indoor garden is supplying consistent yields, CO2 can be added to make for superior buds. The propane method tends to be more cost effective but it does put off a lot of heat. Tank methods won’t let off a lot of heat.


Some gardens can be controlled when the lights are turned on and off. While this can obviously be done manually, a control system will help growers not to forget to turn something on and off.


Buckets work well for soil plants at first, before moving the plants to hydro. Just about anything can be used to put plants into provided the bottom offers adequate drainage.

Hydro Kits

Growing hydroponically can be more temperamental than growing with soil, but the rewards are certainly larger and faster.

While some of these indoor garden supplies in Chesterfield can cost a little more, it can pay off in the long run.