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RAW Soluble Nutrients: Additives (Part 3/3)

Medical growers are always looking to improve their crops, and one of the best ways is to ensure adequate nutrition is provided to the plant, especially during stressful growth periods. provide your plants with RAW Kelp, RAW Yucca, RAW Full Up, RAW OminA, and RAW Cane Molasses, and see the difference.


Kelp extract is a great source of nutrients and growth hormones that plants need. Kelp extracts have been shown repeatedly to help plants grow big and healthy. RAW Kelp extract is especially useful for foliar feeding. RAW Kelp is a water soluble extract containing 99% Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed extract and 1% soluble potash.


RAW Yucca acts as a surfactant, which reduces the surface tension of water effectively making it wetter, to improve nutrient dispersion and prevent the water from beading up. This helps the nutrients spread deeper and more evenly which is especially helpful for foliar sprays and soilless grow systems. RAW Yucca is excellent for nutrient flushing also. RAW Yucca is 100% Yucca Schidigera extract. Make your water wetter and improve your plant nutrition with RAW Yucca.


Nutrients are of no use if the plant cannot use them. RAW Full Up contains humic acids to help your plants optimize nutrient absorption so they can grow large and healthy. RAW Full Up works with all plant supplements to improve nutrient uptake throughout the growth and bloom stages of the plant.

RAW ominA

Nitrogen is a crucial nutrient for plants to produce and utilize energy. RAW OminA is an easily absorbed source of Nitrogen derived from plant proteins. RAW OminA is a natural source of Nitrogen, providing 14% nitrogen in an entirely water soluble solution that will not clog pumps and water lines.


Sugars are a source of energy for living things. RAW Cane Molasses provides a quick boost of energy to plants and beneficial microbes to promote plant growth. RAW Cane Molasses provides the benefits of liquid molasses without the bulk and mess. RAW Cane Molasses is water soluble micronized molasses that is super concentrated, one 2oz package is equivalent to 1 gallon of liquid molasses, making transport and storage much easier.

Give your plants the boost they need with RAW soluble nutrients. Stop by Hydro Pros in Michigan to pick up your RAW Kelp, RAW Yucca, RAW Full Up, RAW OminA, and RAW Cane Molasses. Don’t forget to ask the knowledgeable staff about other RAW products to benefit your grow.