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The Essential Growing Equipment in Macomb County

Growing one’s own plants can be a highly rewarding activity, particularly if one is growing for medical purposes.

Those who have tried but found it frustrating or unrewarding have more than likely felt that way due to incorrect preparation or a lack of the necessary and correct equipment. Having the right equipment in Macomb Country can make all the difference to the success of a person’s crops.

Getting The Soil Right

Every plant requires healthy soil in order to lay its roots. The best mixture is a bio grow soil that contains Nitrogen Phosphorous Potassium in a ratio of 12-14-24. This will ensure that the plant gets the proper amount of nutrients through the entire growth cycle. Experienced growers prefer to use 11-litre pots for the feminized auto-flowering plants and pots of around 20-litres for feminized photo-period plants.

Light Counts Too

While the right light isn’t technically equipment, it counts as a necessary element to growing successful crops. Since growing crops outdoors can be fairly risky, growing plants inside will require proper lighting for the plants. The ideal is a high pressure sodium light that offers the warmth and light needed for prospering crops.

Growing Equipment in Macomb County – The Necessity of Air Filter Systems

Temperatures can get increasingly high due to that all-important lighting and the electrical equipment used in indoor gardens. Having the right ventilation system will help to ensure that stagnant or even harmful air is transported away from the growing area, while also assisting in keeping the temperatures in check.

Air Fan

While pretty much any oscillating or floor fan will do, it is absolutely imperative that an air fan is placed in the grow room in order to circulate fresh air and help the ventilation system do its required job. It is crucial to remember that the plants are living, breathing entities and they need to breathe in clean air, just as people do.


Just as grow rooms can get too hot from the electrical equipment and lighting being used, so too can they get too cold due to external temperatures. If this is the case, it is usually best to have a heater at hand that will ensure the plants are comfortable and correctly temperate no matter what season it may be outside.

Grow Tent

A grow tent as part of the growing equipment in Macomb County is a massive benefit to the healthy growth of the plants. A grow tent allows for a more sterile environment in which the plants can grow and also one where all the required elements for growing can be monitored properly.

7-Seeds of Wonder

Making sure one has quality seeds is the very first step to growing incredible plants. Consumers can look out for potent strains such as Royal AK, White Widow and Automatic.