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The Importance of Cleanliness For Indoor Growing in Macomb County

Every grower wants their grow room to operate at the absolute best performance at all times. While this usually includes things like lights, fans and even liquid for those hydro-grown plants, it all starts with a very good clean before even setting up the first piece of equipment. After that, it takes regular maintenance to keep the grow room tidy and clean. This is essential since cleanliness for indoor growing in Macomb County will determine everything else, from how well the plants will thrive to the yield growers will see from their crops.

Why Cleanliness For Indoor Growing Is Macomb County Is Important

Grow rooms can quickly become dirty and unkempt which can do great damage to the plants. There are certain steps that growers tend to take to keep their grow room clean, including:

  • Arranging their pots in neat rows. By keeping all the plants together, the area will simply look cleaner and the plants will enjoy equal access to air and light.
  • Using under-trains for all pots. The under-trays work to collect excess moisture that drains from the plants. The trays keep the pots off the floor and ensure that the humidity levels won’t rise too high.
  • Cleaning spills up right away. If the under-trays over flow, or growers accidently spill water on the floor, they usually clean it up right away as leaving it to sit can negatively impact humidity levels and encourage bacteria and mold.
  • Pruning the plants and removing dead leaves. Dying leaves tend to decay and prevent healthy future plant growth and also act as a breeding ground for bacteria.
    Using a filter over the air intake vent to ensure that pests cannot enter the room from outside.

Sterilizing The Grow Room

It is true that a grow room needs to be sterile before starting to grow plants, but it is also important that people partaking in indoor growing in Macomb County don’t get too carried away. Bleach works as a great sterilizer and can also be used on the walls, floors and vents before equipment is even set up. If the grow room has already been used for a crop or another is about to start, it’s important to clean the pots, equipment and everything else that has already been used so that it is sterilized for the new crop.

Once the grow room has been sterilized and cleaned using a mild bleach solution, it can be left to air dry before any new equipment or plants are brought in. What’s more, to keep the growing room clean, growers tend to keep themselves meticulously clean so that they don’t carry in any spider mites or other bacteria. They usually change their clothes before going into the grow room or keep a pair of clothes especially for the room to avoid bringing anything in from the outside.