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The Most Important Growing Equipment In Macomb County

One of the most important components of growing equipment in Macomb County is LED lighting. In the last ten years or so, LED technology has seen significant advances and has become a top alternative to incandescent bulbs and even compact fluorescent lighting bulbs for growing needs. There have been numerous field tests and studies that have resulted in several practical uses for LEDs.

LEDs As Growing Equipment in Macomb County

Among many uses for LED lights is their ability to grown indoor plants without needing any sunlight. LED lighting offers a range of advantages when it comes to growing indoor plants and one of the biggest advantages to growing with LED lights as opposed to growing with other kinds of bulbs is that LEDs tend to consume a fraction of the electricity. In fact, they consume as much as 70% less.

Another big advantage of using LED lights as growing equipment in Macomb County is that they are near zero in heat signature. These grow lights give off as little as 10% or less of the heat that higher density discharge bulbs like metal halide (MH) or high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs do. Less heat and less energy consumption go hand in hand since most wasted electricity in HID systems seems to be given off as heat. HID bulbs can become incredibly hot and can burn the skin when touched and have also been known to cause fires. Growing with LEDs will eliminate such problems as even after having been on for 24 hours, the LED lights will be only slightly warm to the touch.

Another Major Advantage of LED Light Technology

LED lights work with individual diodes in the light that are focused to certain wavelengths of the light spectrum that are necessary for plant photosynthesis. Another big benefit of this light technology is that LED grow lights last around 100 times as long as light bulbs and as much as 6 – 7 times as long as fluorescent lights. It’s hardly any wonder that NASA has been testing these grow lights to grow food in space as a highly energy efficient method that may well turn out to be a key component to man’s survival in space.

Originally, the first generation of LED grow lights consisted of a very low intensity and the total output was approximately 10 – 20 watts. The lights were just powerful enough to grow the simplest and smallest of plants. The LED grow lights have since evolved to become far more intense lights with power outputs in the range of 100 watts and more which is ideal for growing more complex plants. The LED grow lights have really come of age as far as growing equipment in Macomb County goes and growers can finally take advantage of this technology to grow more efficiently.