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Increase the Bio-Availability of Silicon with Vitalize from Mills

Increase the Bio-Availability of Silicon with Vitalize from Mills Nutrients

Now the Mills Nutrients is readily available at your fingertips, and is available for you in Michigan. You can now obtain Mills Nutrients that is a cheaper and an alternative to Fasilitor Nutrient, which is very expensive. Silicon is the most common element on earth after oxygen and is essential to living organisms on earth. How did its name came into existence? Well, silica was coined from the Latin word for flint, mineral containing silicon. Silica from Mills Nutrients helps in fighting against bacteria and disease. It has been proven that humans, plants and animals benefits from silica because of its antibacterial nature. It is surprising that with all the benefits of silica it is seldom used in farming and agriculture why? Well, silicon is rarely used in agriculture because it is difficult to extract most especially in the past.

Mills Nutrients Vitalize silica became widely known when a professor came up with a unique and exclusive method used in extracting silicic acid from silicon element. Mills Nutrients later gained the sole right of making use of the professors method, making it the only one among all nutrients that provides your crop all the nutrients it needs. Growers need Vitalize because it is rich in silicon and very affordable!

Growers will benefit greatly from Mills Nutrients because the silica in it makes your plant grow strong and healthy. You don’t have to be a large scale grower, you don’t have to be a professional grower, even if you are growing as a hobby or for small scale purposes, you need Vitalize from Mills Nutrients which is rich in silica. The benefits of mills nutrient is too much to count. Don’t you want your plants to grow stronger, have more nodes and be protected right from its nursery stage to its blooming cycles? Well, here is a recap of the uses and benefits of Mills Nutrients Vitalize.


  • It can be easily used as a foliar fertilizer

  • It improves the immune system of crops

  • It boosts crops resilience against insects

  • As stated, it is suitable for all kinds of crops

  • The absorption of nutrients is greatly enhanced and utilized to the fullest in the entire lifecycle of plants

  • The root structure of crops is greatly improved both in weight and size

  • Drastically reduces perspiration and makes full use of water

  • It reduces the rate at which fruits and vegetables loss water after harvesting

  • One special thing about Vitalize is that it is suitable for mixing with other fertilizers and protective means

  • In addition, it also increases the quality and yield of your crop

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