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RAW Soluble Nutrients:

RAW Soluble Nutrients: N-P-K

RAW Soluble Nutrients: N-P-K

Gardeners want healthy plants. This requires providing your plants with vital nutrients throughout their development, and during crucial periods of growth. Three of the primary nutrients that plants require are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. When offered as individual nutrients, growers can control nutrient ratios more closely, allowing growers to address specific plant nutrition issues and dial in nutrient levels as they see fit.

RAW Nitrogen

Nitrogen plays an essential role in the development of chlorophyll and the entire photosynthesis process. Put simply, your plants need nitrogen to be able utilize light in order to make the energy they need to grow big and healthy; and healthy plants produce large yields. RAW nitrogen does not contain nitrate or urea like other fertilizers, rather it is Ammonium Nitrogen only, as a water soluble solution of 20% Ammonium Nitrogen. Because it does not contain nitrate, RAW Nitrogen can be applied throughout the stages of growth and bloom, and can be applied topically to the leaves in what is known as foliar feeding, allowing for rapid intake of nutrients during critical growth periods.

RAW Phosphorus

Healthy plants need to have a healthy root system and plenty of energy to grow. Phosphorus is key for root development and energy production (ATP) for those critical stages of growth & bloom. Phosphorus deficiency can be very difficult to detect, and only after it is too late, and your plant’s growth is stunted, will symptoms begin to show. Don’t handicap your plant from the start, use RAW phosphorous early on to help stimulate vigorous healthy root production and watch your plants grow & flower vibrantly. RAW phosphorous is a solution of 61% Soluble Phosphate and 9% Ammonium Nitrogen in water.

RAW Potassium

Potassium is another essential nutrient for healthy plants. Plants with adequate potassium intake are much more resistant to threats such as disease, lodging, temperature extremes, water extremes, and other common causes of plant loss. Potassium is also key during critical growth periods and flowering, when the plants utilize vast quantities of nutrients and are especially vulnerable. RAW potassium is 50% Water Soluble Potash, so it won’t have any major impact on pH balance like some other sources of potassium.

Whether you want to increase your specific nutrient levels, or optimize your nutrient recipe, RAW Nitrogen, RAW phosphorous, and RAW potassium are essential for growing healthy plants

RAW Calcium/Mag

Calcium and magnesium aid with the plants metabolism processes, help promote plant growth, and helps strengthen & stabilize the plant’s cell walls. Strong cell walls mean a plant that is both physically stronger, as well as more resistant to disease, infection, and insects. RAW Calcium/Mag is a water soluble solution containing 15% calcium nitrate and 3% magnesium sulfate, an optimized ratio. RAW Calium/Mag is concentrated enough that a little goes a long way.

RAW Humic Acid

RAW Humic Acid acts as a pH buffer to stabilize soil acidity and resist pH changes. Humic acid acts as a chelate, which means it helps convert nutrients into a form the plants can utilize. In effect, it increases nutrient availability to plants, improves soil fertility, prevents nutrient leeching from the soil, allows for improved nutrient uptake, and stimulates root development & plant growth. RAW Humic Acid is 59% Humic Acids derived from Leonardite. Maximize your soil’s potential, and improve your plant growth, with RAW Humic Acid.

RAW Silica

Silica provides additional strength to the structure of the plant. The added strength helps keep plants from wilting & lodging, but also provides the necessary structure to let the plant extend outward. A plant that can extend can let leaves grow larger in order to gather more light, but also allows for the physical space for more flowering, providing growers with larger yields. Silica is especially helpful for soil-less systems because they lack the natural silica found in soil. RAW Silica is able to be suspended in solution, is pH neutral, will not cloud your water. RAW Silica contains 45% Silicon Dioxide. Improve the strength of your plants with RAW Silica.

RAW B-Vitamin

Transplanting and flowering are stressful times for your plants. You want to be sure to provide your transplants with every nutrient they need during this stressful period and vitamin B can help with that stress.. RAW B-Vitamin contains 1% Vitamin B1 and 9% magnesium. Help alleviate some stress for your plants by providing them with RAW B-Vitamin.



Kelp extract is a great source of nutrients and growth hormones that plants need. Kelp extracts have been shown repeatedly to help plants grow big and healthy. RAW Kelp extract is especially useful for foliar feeding. RAW Kelp is a water soluble extract containing 99% Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed extract and 1% soluble potash.


RAW Yucca acts as a surfactant, which reduces the surface tension of water effectively making it wetter, to improve nutrient dispersion and prevent the water from beading up. This helps the nutrients spread deeper and more evenly which is especially helpful for foliar sprays and soilless grow systems. RAW Yucca is excellent for nutrient flushing also. RAW Yucca is 100% Yucca Schidigera extract. Make your water wetter and improve your plant nutrition with RAW Yucca.


Nutrients are of no use if the plant cannot use them. RAW Full Up contains humic acids to help your plants optimize nutrient absorption so they can grow large and healthy. RAW Full Up works with all plant supplements to improve nutrient uptake throughout the growth and bloom stages of the plant.

RAW ominA

Nitrogen is a crucial nutrient for plants to produce and utilize energy. RAW OminA is an easily absorbed source of Nitrogen derived from plant proteins. RAW OminA is a natural source of Nitrogen, providing 14% nitrogen in an entirely water soluble solution that will not clog pumps and water lines.


Sugars are a source of energy for living things. RAW Cane Molasses provides a quick boost of energy to plants and beneficial microbes to promote plant growth. RAW Cane Molasses provides the benefits of liquid molasses without the bulk and mess. RAW Cane Molasses is water soluble micronized molasses that is super concentrated, one 2oz package is equivalent to 1 gallon of liquid molasses, making transport and storage much easier.

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