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*Shipping & Return Policy*
*Shipping & Return Policy*

Hortilux 1000W Metal Halide Grow Lamp

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If you’re looking for lamps to use consistently - from starting and growing plants up to the flowering and fruit production stages of plant growth - look to Metal Halide lamps.
The Metal Halide spectrum is the best possible when growing vegetation.
HORTILUX™ Metal Halide is a cost effective line of lamps designed to provide the spectral energy required for vegetative growth. 
HORTILUX™ Metal Halide spectrum outperforms most grow lamps because of high initial light intensity and consistent spectral output.
  • The best vegetative spectrum for beginning stages of plant growth.
  • High initial light intensity and consistent spectral output.
  • 30% better spectral maintenance than other manufacturers.
  • Prolonged lamp life and reduced lamp replacement costs.
  • Are made in the USA.
  • Feature the exclusive HORTILUX™ Spectrum.
  • Are individually tested before shipped.
  • Feature a one-year warranty.