Earth Juice Double Down Liquid pH Adjuster

Earth Juice Double Down Liquid pH Adjuster


Liquid pH adjuster with proprietary formulation that offers superior pH control.
Earth Juice Godsilica Quart

Earth Juice Godsilica


Earth Juice GodSilica- A Liquid Silica and Potassium Supplement Promotes resistance to climate stress such as heat, drought and cold. Helps plants resist mineral toxicities. Aids in photosynthesis. General use rates can vary from 1/8 tsp to 1 tsp per gallon. Will raise the pH of...
Earth Juice Hi-Brix MFP

Earth Juice Hi-Brix MFP

From $17.74

Molasses for plants! Earth Juice Hi-Brix is the original source of plant carbohydrates and nutrients that has been specially made for indoor and outdoor gardens. May be used with other fertilizers and is highly recommended for brewing teas. Features: Ideal for both soil and hydroponicsWill NOT...
Hydro Organics GoGnats Concentrate

Hydro Organics GoGnats Concentrate

From $29.79

This is a poison-free alternative for the control of soil-fungus gnats, mites, aphids, moths and other garden and hydroponic pests. Used as a plant and area spray, added to nutrient reservoirs or used as a soil drench. For hydroponics, it is recommended to add directly...
Rooters Mycorrhizae 1 lb

Rooters Mycorrhizae


The ecto- and endomycorrhizae in Rooters Mycorrhizae are specially chosen for their ability to thrive in a multitude of environments, so no matter where plants grow, the mycorrhizae will provide the root and growth benefits for which they‰۪re known. Using Rooters Mycorrhizae with an organic...
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