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Vaultz Lock-Box Black Ops, Med-Saver Black, with Free HydroPros 1/4 Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Papers

by Vaultz
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MedSaver is a patented 4 piece set that is air-tight, water-tight, and smell proof with a built in grinder and Catcher at the bottom of the Grinder. Developed with the needs and wants of the everyday consumer in mind. Regular 1 1/4 Papers are made from Pure Hemp paper and have been organically grown. The paper is 100 Percent chlorine "free" and unbleached which gives a natural light brown color. Vaultz Lock Box Black Ops is your ideal portable storage, along with portable grinder!

  • Vaultz Lock-Box Black Ops - LOCK IT UP! This is the perfect catch-all supply box is durable and cool, and is the perfect size to throw in a backpack, drawer, or glove compartment.
  • Med-Saver Black - BUILT IN GRINDER with mini tray and cap to catch extra pieces Water Tight, Air Tight
  • Free HydroPros 1/4 Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Papers