Cal-Mag Magnesium Calcium Nutrients Additives Deficiencies Hydroponics

BluMagic Nutrients So-Cal Storm

From $19.99

A highly affective, beneficial calcium-magnesium supplement for plants.  Specially formulated to provide the levels of calcium and magnesium missing in most nutrient systems. Use during all stages of growth.  Add 5ml per gallon, or 10ml per gallon for accelerated feeding. Total Nitrogen (N) - 2%...
Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Liquid -

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Liquid

From $14.99

Watch Your Flowers Get Larger and More Potent. Big Bud is the legendary bloom booster proven worldwide to swell flowers to their maximum potency potential beyond any other bloom booster. Containing L-amino acids and the right types of phosphorus and potassium, Big Bud is an...
Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy -

Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy

From $13.54

With Bud Candy you can savor the sweet smells and tastes you've always loved while bringing out the FULL GENETIC POTENTIAL of your plants. Imagine your grateful eyes taking in the glitter and gold of your candy tasting flowers. your taste buds and nose taking...
BluMagic Nutrients Bam Bam

BluMagic Nutrients Bam Bam

From $99.99

 A proprietary formula of vitamins and extra strength nutrients that help maximize yields and increase flower and fruit production. Guaranteed Analysis: Total Nitrogen 1% Water Soluble Nitrogen 1% Derived from: Urea. Also contains non-plant food ingredients: Vitamin B1 and Vitamin C
Advanced Nutrients B-52 -

Advanced Nutrients B-52

From $16.69

B-52 is especially formulated to give plants a super boost of energy by raising the plants metabolism. B-52 increases nutrient uptake by providing naturally occurring hormones and vitamins that plants could never get elsewhere. B-52 is ideal for hydroponic, soil and sphagnum moss or any...
BluMagic Nutrients King Terp

BluMagic Nutrients King Terp

From $29.99

An innovative 2-in-1 formula with simple & complex carbohydrates and terpines.  Designed to increase essential oils production and improve fruit flavor and smell. Use with every feeding  Vegetative Stage: 5-10ml per gallon Fruit Set Stage: 10-20ml per gallon Bloom Stage: 15-30 ml per gallon Derived...
Advanced Nutrients Overdrive -

Advanced Nutrients Overdrive

From $14.19

Advanced Nutrients Overdrive. It's 100% guaranteed to give you rewarding harvests. That's because Overdrive contains a unique set of powerful ingredients that stimulate plants to increase their bloom productivity. Overdrive is a really special formula that does something that used to seem impossible. After you've kicked...

Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X

From $72.99 Sold Out

  Bud Factor-X contains bio-active ingredients that enhance inherent qualities in plants, coaxing maximum production of terpinoids, resins and essential oils. The components in Bud Factor X were also engineered to maximize yields, not only crop quality. The balanced combination of highly bio-active ingredients maximize...
Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice | HydroPros

Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice

From $21.49

VOODOO JUICE BENEFITS: Maximize Root Mass Optimize Intake Of Nutrients And Water Vigorous Growth Maximum Harvests WHEN TO USE VOODOO JUICE: Early Veg Phase, Early Flowering, Cloning, Transplanting, Growing from Seedlings
Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor -

Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor

From $23.99

Using Bud Ignitor on your plants absolutely will maximize flowerings sites per stem when you provide specialized nutrition to your plants during early bloom phase so your plants ramp up internal production of metabolic triggers that result maximizing your budding sites. The result is that...
Rock Nutrients Rock Resinator

Rock Nutrients Rock Resinator

From $44.99

Rock Resinator uses an extensive and complex combination of phosphorus and potassium designed to pack on extra size and weight. Rock Resinator contains citric metabolites to accelerate the kreb cycle to deliver consistent results in flower size, quantity and quality that has no rivals. Using...
Xtreme Gardening Mykos Natural Root Enhancer Mycorrhizal Inoculant

Xtreme Gardening Mykos Mycorrhizae

From $9.10

MYKOS mycorrhizae is a natural and organic species of beneficial soil fungi that create a "sponge-like" mass which collects and stores nutrients and water, increasing the uptake of both. This single species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi contains only Rhizophagus intraradices, formally known as Glomus intraradices....
Mammoth P Microbes

Mammoth P Microbes

From $72.95

Unleash your plant's full growth potential with MAMMOTH P. MAMMOTH P is a university-tested patent-pending microbial bio stimulant that naturally elevates phosphorus and micro nutrient availability to support healthy vigorous plant growth. For use during vegetative and flowering stages in all media - from hydroponic...
Azamax | HydroPros


From $24.49

AzaMax is a natural product with a broad spectrum of pest control and broad plant applications. It contains Azadirachtin A;B as active ingredients and more than 100 limonoids from its special technology. The special feature of AzaMax is that is does not use hard chemical...
Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin | HydroPros

Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin

From $12.49

 Rhino Skin has been developed for use with any and all hydroponics, aeroponic, drip irrigation, NFT, flood and drain and continuous liquid feed growing systems. Rhino Skin has been specially designed for use with all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing mediums. Contains a full...
Advanced Nutrients Nirvana -

Advanced Nutrients Nirvana

From $12.19

When you look at what Nirvana has In it, and how these organics work for you, that's why Nirvana is the number one choice of growers seeking an organic way to maximize yield and quality. Alfalfa is particularly important if you've invested money in C02...
Advanced Nutrients Carboload Liquid -

Advanced Nutrients Carboload Liquid

From $11.19

Our Carbo Load Liquid product is a great way to enhance your crop's production by stoking it's need for carbohydrates beginning in the early part of the production cycle when your crop is using its own sugars and is facing carbohydrate depletion, which can slow...
Advanced Nutrients Sensizym | HydroPros

Advanced Nutrients Sensizym

From $14.69

PRODUCT TYPE: Root Zone Cleanser, Root Enhancer SENSIZYM BENEFITS: Breaks Down Dead Material In Your Root Zone More Nutrition for Vigorous Growth and Maximum Yield Save Money on Root Zone Materials Feed Beneficial Microbes WHEN TO USE SENSIZYM: During all phases of growth, but especially...
Advanced Nutrients Piranha | HydroPros

Advanced Nutrients Piranha

From $22.49

Product Type: Root Zone Enhancer/Plant Nutrition Support Roots are what feed your plants almost everything they need, and now you can maximize your plants' root mass so your plants get optimum nutrition and enhanced flowering. You do this by using beneficial fungi that accomplishes the...
Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish -

Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish

From $10.99

Flawless Finish is scientifically designed to assist in the flushing of accumulated nutrients in flowers and leaves. In various herb crops where taste and texture is important, Flawless Finish removes the chemical residue giving a better taste. Flawless Finish when used as directed also gives...
Advanced Nutrients Grow, Micro, Bloom pH Perfect Set -

Advanced Nutrients Grow, Micro, Bloom pH Perfect Set

From $23.79

Advanced Nutrients ph perfect grow, micro, bloom is a 3-part premium base nutrient trio precisely formulated to give your high-value crops the exact nutrient ratios and concentrations they need. No competitor offers this full spectrum of quality ingredients. When ph perfect grow, micro, bloom is...
Advanced Nutrients Bloom pH Perfect -

Advanced Nutrients Bloom pH Perfect

From $15.39

When you mix Advanced Nutrients Bloom with Grow and Micro, you get 3-part base nutrients that provide bud-building potassium and phosphorus combined with other elements to give you vigorous growth and a happier harvest day - guaranteed. Bloom has been specially designed for use with...
Fox Farm Big Bloom Liquid Concentrate

Fox Farm Big Bloom Liquid Concentrate

From $13.08

Fox Farm Big Bloom 1 Pint Organic Nutrients Hydroponics Product Description Premium Plant Nutrient 0.01-0.3-0.7 100 percent natural and organic biologically alive formula This microbial active, water soluble instant plant food specifically formulated to promote and emphasize the blooming characteristics of all flowering and fruiting...
Mills Nutrients C4

Mills Nutrients C4

From $60.99

C4 is a sophisticated blend of macro nutrients, micro nutrients, bio-stimulants, carbohydrates, and trace minerals guaranteed to give the grower heavier and higher quality yields. The potent Bio-Stimulants in C4 cause the plant to produce massive amounts of essential oils and sugars. C4 is responsible...
Rhizoflora Terpinator - 1 Liter

Rhizoflora Terpinator

From $27.99

Product Description How does it work? The building blocks that comprise Terpinator act as the pre-cursors to plant oil production. By employing naturally occurring plant and biological compounds, unique enzymatic pathways within a plant's body are utilized through Terpinator to enhance the production of Terpinoids...
OG Biowar Foliar Pack

OG Biowar Foliar Pack

From $24.99

If you've tried it you already know. If you haven't here's your chance to see what all the hype is about, the original OG Bio War foliar pack. Used and praised by gardeners nationwide. This is an authentic product and we are an authorized dealer....
Raw Potassium - 2 oz

Raw Potassium

From $12.49

Raw potassium is a soluble plant supplement that is used for horticultural purposes. Raw potassium contains 50% soluble potash which is the highest concentration of fully water soluble potassium available to the home gardener. This product is used to treat deficiencies or boost potassium levels....
Advanced Nutrients Hobbyist Bundle -

Advanced Nutrients Hobbyist Bundle

From $44.49

B-52, Big Bud, Overdrive and Voodoo Juice  Voodoo juice - is included to promote bigger root systems faster to support the demands of high producing crops.  Big bud - for improved weight, density and quality in flowers and fruits, big bud is applied through the...
Advanced Nutrients Tarantula | HydroPros

Advanced Nutrients Tarantula

From $21.49

Advanced Nutrients Tarantula is a highly advanced and highly concentrated soil inoculant that will give you sturdy plants and healthy growth. Tarantula contains the highest concentration of microorganisms available and offers a wide array of beneficial effects. This special formula increases root mass and re-establishes...
Sensi Bloom Part A and B Set pH Perfect Bundle | HydroPros

Sensi Bloom Part A and B Set pH Perfect Bundle Pack

From $20.79

Sensi Bloom 2-part give your plants reliable full-bloom nutrition. Sensi Bloom is the 2-part bloom base nutrient formula you can absolutely count on during your all important bloom phase. Use Sensi Bloom when you wants the best from your high value plants. You get each...
Heavy 16 Fire | HydroPros

Heavy 16 Fire

From $42.99

Heavy 16 Fire 1 Liter Heavy Fire represents the ultimate hand crafted P/K booster created through strict adherence to nutritional chemistry and biological principals. Heavy Fire is a versatile bloom stimulant that can, because of its ingredients, be incorporated into any existing plant system and...
Raw Phosphorus

Raw Phosphorus

From $12.49

RAW Phosphorus is a soluble plant supplement that is used for horticultural purposes. RAW Phosphorus contains 61% available Phosphate which is the highest concentration of fully water soluble Phosphorus available to the home gardener. This product is used to treat deficiencies or boost Phosphorus levels....
Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Bloom Part A and B Bundle | HydroPros

Connoisseur Bloom Part A and B Bundle Pack

From $33.99

The pH Perfect Connoisseur Bloom A&B is for the experienced, highly artistic, professional and commercial grower. If you are a top-notch grower and has maxed out the potential of your current feeding program and if, after all that success, you still need more yield and...
OG Biowar Root Pack

OG Biowar Root Pack

From $28.39

The root pack is a microbial inoculant. It is a proprietary blend of highly concentrated beneficial fungi and bacteria that perform many important functions in the rhizosphere (the root zone). It is not a fertilizer, and can be used in conjunction with any nutrient program....
Mills Nutrients Basis Set A and B

Mills Nutrients Basis Set A and B Bundle

From $33.99

Mills Basis A&B 1 Liter Set - Hydroponic Nutrients 1 Quart Product Description Premium Plant Nutrient Part A 3-0-1 and Part B 0-4-3 Basis A & B BASIS A & B is a highly concentrated Bio-Mineral base nutrient designed to bring optimal nutrition in both...
Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Coco -

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Coco

From $33.99

Big Bud Coco is designed specifically for use with coco coir to live up to the special flowering demands of coco for growers like you. The addition of Chelated Iron Fe, Calcium Ca and Magnesium Mg alleviate the potential elemental problems commonly seen in this...
Heavy 16 Prime

Heavy 16 Prime

From $30.69

PRIME is an ultra-diverse liquid formulation designed for use at all times of your crops cycle. We have formulated Prime to be the centerpiece of the Heavy 16 program, but its chemistry allows for flexibility throughout cultivation systems and alternative feeding programs from aeroponics to...
Cal-Mag Magnesium Calcium Nutrients Additives Deficiencies Hydroponics

Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus

From $22.99

Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus (2-0-0) is a custom blend of calcium complex with nitrate nitrogen and a highly soluble form of chelated magnesium. This combination prevents calcium and magnesium deficiencies as well as blossom end rot in tomatoes and peppers. Cal-Mag Plus also contains iron, boron,...
Advanced Nutrients Grow ph Perfect -

Advanced Nutrients Grow ph Perfect

From $15.49

When you use 3-part hydroponics base nutrients, you get reliable, flexible, concentrated nutrients that give your plants the essential elements they need. Mix Advanced Nutrients Grow with Bloom and Micro to provide nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (along with secondary and micronutrients) that create nutrient healthy...
Sipco Hygrozyme

Sipco Hygrozyme

From $22.49

Hygrozyme is a powerful blend of concentrated, beneficial enzymes that help plants grow better. The ingredients in Hygrozyme are specifically designed to work at their maximum strength in the optimal hydroponic pH and temperature range. Hygrozyme is simple and easy to use. It is suitable for...
Heavy 16 Bud A & B

Heavy 16 Bud A and B

From $29.99

Heavy 16 Bud A & B is the highest grade bloom nutrient on the Planet. It's a bold statement, but years of controlled trials and positive customer feedback affirm that claim. It is no wonder to us why every grower we change over to Heavy...
General Hydroponics RapidStart Root Enhancer | HydroPros

General Hydroponics RapidStart Root Enhancer

From $22.99

RapidStart enhances your growing experience by delivering a powerful blend of premium plant extracts, amino acids, and nutrients generating explosive root growth. Using RapidStart stimulates prolific root branching and development of fine root hairs that increase nutrient uptake and grow healthier, whiter roots. Using RapidStart...
Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Grow A and B Bundle | HydroPros

Connoisseur Grow A and B Bundle Pack

From $33.99

Premium Plant Nutrient Grow Part A 4-0-0, Part B 1-2-7 pH Perfect Connoisseur Grow Part A by Advanced Nutrients Strictly for the Experts: an Ultra-Premium 2-Part Grow-Phase Base Nutrient Uniquely Formulated for Experienced Growers! If you‰۪re already a top-notch grower praised by customers and friends,...
Mills Nutrients Ultimate PK

Mills Nutrients Ultimate PK

From $52.49

ULTIMATE PK is a powerful heavy weight bloom booster designed to be used the last 2 to 4 weeks of the owering stage. The superior composition of ULTIMATE PK provides the plant with all the nutrient needed during ripening for more abundant fruit set, hard...
General Hydroponics pH Down

General Hydroponics pH Down

From $19.29

To maximize plant growth, the pH content of your nutrients should be slightly acidic. Experienced growers consider the ideal pH for most crops to fall between 5.5 and 6.5. Users of General Hydroponics nutrient products generally do not experience problems maintaining the proper pH range...
Aptus Fasilitor

Aptus Fasilitor

From $113.00

Aptus Fasilitor is ultra-concentrated and gets results — now! FaSilitor paves the way for plants to take in the nutrients they need exactly when they need it, helping plants develop a natural resistance to disease and pest attacks. Results are often dramatic, but rest assured,...
Sensi Grow Part A and B Set pH Perfect Bundle | HydroPros

Sensi Grow Part A and B Set pH Perfect Bundle Pack

From $20.79

Premium Plant Nutrient Part A 3-0-0 And Part B 2-4-8 Sensi A & B base nutrients are easy to measure because there are only two components and have their nutrient ratios based on thousands of test gardens and research. Both the Sensi A & B...
FoxFarm Beastie Bloomz

Fox Farm Beastie Bloomz

From $14.89

Beastie Bloomz Heavyweight Blossom Builder is a pH balanced blend of extra strength nutrients specially formulated to produce heavy weight fruit, and maximize blossom development during the critical last weeks of flowering. Beastie Bloomz is designed to create unbelievable internal bud density, which means that...
Fox Farm Instant Grow Big

Fox Farm Instant Grow Big

From $17.99

Get your garden going with Grow Big, fast-acting, water-soluble fertilizer for lush, vegetative, compact growth. Use Grow Big early in the season when young plants need an extra boost. We add earthworm castings and Norwegian kelp into this special brew to encourage sturdier, healthier stems...
Raw Silica

Raw Silica

From $14.99

RAW Silica is a flowable plant supplement that is used for horticultural purposes. RAW Silica contains 45% Silicon Dioxide. This product has the highest concentration of natural Silicon Dioxide available to the home gardener. Unlike other Silica products RAW Silica is relatively pH neutral. A...

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