BioAg Ful-Power -

BioAg Ful-Power

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This is the most effective humic acid product you will find anywhere. Our Cold Microbial Extraction Process mimics earths' natural processes resulting in an organic humic with high bioavailability, primary and secondary metabolites, as well as phytostimulants from the "fermentation" process. The purified humic acid...
BioAg Vam -

BioAg Vam

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VAM™ dramatically improves the surface area of your plant's root mass. This leads to increased nutrient and water adsorbing capabilities. VAM™ includes 7 specially selected species of endo mycorrhizae with a heavy dose of the very aggressive Glomus intraradices. Includes a myriad of ingredients to...
BioAg CytoPlus

BioAg CytoPlus

From $19.99

CytoPlus has all the benefits of seaweed and micronutrients, enhanced by BioAg's premium humic concentrate. It's a great multi-use garden product for those wanting a little something extra. CytoPlus stimulates soil microbial activity and increases plant growth and yield. This is a perfect additive or...
Bio Boost Mammoth P 250 ml Ful-Power Quart NPK Raw Kelp 2 Ounce Bundle

Bio Boost Mammoth P 250 ml Ful-Power Quart NPK Raw Kelp 2 Ounce Bundle

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Kelp extracts and humic acid have a synergistic effect.  They work better in a combination rather than alone.  Combining the two in a 5:2 ratio worked 50% better than either product working alone.  Studies have shown the combination stimulated more lateral root development and root...
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