Axiom Harpin Protein

Axiom Harpin Protein

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AXIOM is derived from naturally occurring harpin proteins, proven to stimulate the plant's natural growth and defense systems. Harpin, the active ingredient, has been proven to increase plant yields and overall plant health. Use Axiom to boost overall plant growth, vigor and production, and to aid in the management...
Rx Green Solutions Life Cloning Gel - 1/2 oz

Rx Green Solutions Life Cloning Gel

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LIFE Cloning Gel is a rooting compound for plant cuttings. Containing a unique blend of rooting hormones and natural ingredients, LIFE Cloning Gel is formulated to produce roots in any substrate and works well with rooting cubes or aeroponic machines. LIFE Cloning Gel produces roots...
Rx Green Solutions LIFE Cloning Mist, 4 oz

Rx Green Solutions LIFE Cloning Mist


LIFE Cloning Mist contains essential ingredients and anti-stress bioactive molecules designed to facilitate and increase root development and aid in stress recovery. This foliar product comes in an easy and ready to use spray application bottle and can be used during cloning or propagation on...
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