Advanced Cloning Kit -

Advanced Cloning Kit


7 " Mondi Dome with Vents and 10"x20" Mondi Tray, Grodan Gro-Smart Tray and 1.5" Mini-Blocks 90 Count, Rootech Cloning Gel, One Scalpel with Rootech 7 Gram
BluMagic Nutrients Bam Bam

BluMagic Nutrients Bam Bam

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 A proprietary formula of vitamins and extra strength nutrients that help maximize yields and increase flower and fruit production. Guaranteed Analysis: Total Nitrogen 1% Water Soluble Nitrogen 1% Derived from: Urea. Also contains non-plant food ingredients: Vitamin B1 and Vitamin C
Hortilux Enhanced Spectrum Super HPS Grow Lamp 1000w

Hortilux Enhanced Spectrum Super HPS Grow Lamp 1000w

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Extend the growing season to 365 days a year with EYE HORTILUX grow lamps. Choose EYE Hortilux lamps to raise your lighting system to a new level of performance, optimizing spectral energy levels that promote vigorous plant growth. Hortilux Super HPS Enhanced Spectrum grow lamps fine-tune...
Mills Nutrients Basis Set A and B

Mills Nutrients Basis Set A and B Bundle

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Mills Basis A&B 1 Liter Set - Hydroponic Nutrients 1 Quart Product Description Premium Plant Nutrient Part A 3-0-1 and Part B 0-4-3 Basis A & B BASIS A & B is a highly concentrated Bio-Mineral base nutrient designed to bring optimal nutrition in both...
Heavy 16 Bud A & B

Heavy 16 Bud A and B

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Heavy 16 Bud A & B is the highest grade bloom nutrient on the Planet. It's a bold statement, but years of controlled trials and positive customer feedback affirm that claim. It is no wonder to us why every grower we change over to Heavy...
Happy Frog Japanese Maple 4 lbs

Happy Frog Japanese Maple 4 lbs


Finally, a fertilizer that's blended for the unique needs of the Japanese Maple. FoxFarm's Japanese Maple Fertilizer uses a lower-nitrogen formula that supports a natural tendency to grow in cool weather environments. This means less leaf scorch in summer even in sunand a smooth transition...
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