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Central Coast Garden Green Cleaner


Green Cleaner is an all natural, soybean oil-based pesticide with sodium laurel sulfate, alcohol and citric acid. Soybean oil coats and suffocates spider mites (+ other mites & soft bodied pests) while sodium laurel sulfate immobilizes them. Imagine all the mites on your plant drowning in a thick sea of oil with sticky detergent waves to slow their bodies and limbs. Citric acid acidifies and kills while alcohol helps both dehydrate the bugs and evaporate any residual oil & sulfate coating your plants. These ingredients are also effective as a fungicide. Soybean oil coats powdery mildew spores and limits their reproduction and the alcohol dehydrates them. Citric acid alters surface pH on the leaf & simultaneously kills with its anti-fungal properties. Toxic chemical pesticides are harmful to the people and pets who may ingest them, and pests build up a tolerance and eventual immunity to them. Green Cleaner's all-natural ingredients suffocate and immobilize pests instead of poisoning them and the people consuming the fruits, vegetables & flowers it is being sprayed on. Green Cleaner is just as effective on your last application as on your first application. Mites & powdery mildew cannot build a tolerance to being suffocated. Usage & Application Green Cleaner is a kill-on-contact product used for foliar (spray on) application. Make sure to fully coat all plant surfaces including tops & bottoms of foliage. We recommend spraying two days in a row to ensure full coverage and total extermination. If you are spraying Green Cleaner indoors, spray with grow lights OFF & wait until plants are dry before turning lights on. For initial application, mix 2 oz of Green Cleaner per every gallon of water. For secondary applications, mix 1 oz/gallon. For weekly maintenance and/or powdery mildew treatment, mix 1/2 oz per gallon of water. Green Cleaner is an all natural pesticide concentrate - no suiting up or respirators required.