Dino-Clean Gardeners Hand Cleaner

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Dino-Clean will, without water, remove plant resins and saps from your hands and tools without leaving an oily or unpleasant smelling residue. It will also remove oil-based natural odors completely - even skunk. Just a small amount provides enough power to quickly dissolve and remove large sap and resin deposits. Dino-Clean is kind to your skin and has a mild, pleasant scent. Dino-Clean is totally biodegradable and non-toxic and can be used in the laundry. Just rub a little on the affected area and wash normally. Dino-Clean does not contain abrasives like pumice - it can be used safely on scissors and precision machinery without leaving grit behind. Dino-Clean is made of select ingredients chosen both for their mildness to your skin and their effectiveness at removing resins, saps and odors. Dino-Clean is proudly made in America from the best ingredients around.