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*Shipping & Return Policy*

Growonix CX Series 9000 GPD Commercial RO

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CX SERIES: CX Series systems are hydrants. Never run out of water again! A complete line of commercial water filtration ranging from 4,000 GPD all the way to 21,000 GPD. Need more flow? Buy two and have operational redundancy, safeguarding against maintenance downtime. Recycling is a standard feature on every CX Series model. It is a fluid circuit topology that routes the drain water from the membrane stack back through the membranes again for another pass—often called a "second pass" system. Recycling allows for reverse system ratios such as 1 part drain to 4 parts purified water. The circuit contains a stainless needle valve and precision flow meter to adjust the dynamics.


Growonix CX Series Systems Features:


  •  High Flow Cold Water Extra Low Energy RO Membranes
  •  4,000-21,000 Gallons Per Day
  •  Programmable Digital RO Controller with Dual TDS and Temp Probes
  •  1:4 System Ratios (1 gal drain to 4 gals purified water)
  •  Recycle Circuit recycles drain water back through the system for a second pass
  •  Quick Change Carbon Filters (CX4000 only)
  •  Carbon flush valve (CX4000 with Quick Change Carbon Filters only)
  •  Tank Float Switch
  •  Stainless Steel Vertical Multi-Stage Pumps
  •  Automatic High-Pressure Flush
  •  Permeate Flush