Humboldt Nutrients Big Up Powder


Big Up Powder is specifically formulated to efficiently deliver high levels of phosphorous and potassium to the fruit or flower. When used during the first week of flower, Big Up Powder flips the switch and forces your plant into producing multiple flowering sites. When used in the last few weeks, Big Up Powder provides the final boost of energy that your plants need to finish with the largest, hardest flowers you've ever seen.A local legend in Humboldt County: Big Up Powder is a premium bloom booster. Humboldt Nutrients agronomists and chemists have developed Big Up Powder after years of research and local trials. Many similar products contain artificial coloring and dyes, but Big Up Powder is free of all of these unnecessary ingredients.Big Up Powder is designed specifically for the first week and final weeks of the flowering period. Plants are in a transitional phase during this first week. By introducing Big Up Powder in the first week of flowering, you effectively flip the switch in your plant, sending it immediately into an intense flowering cycle. Big Up also provides the final boost of energy that your plants need to finish the bloom cycle. Our customers have been amazed by the Big Up Powder, time after time gardeners depend on the power and consistent results offered by this superb additive. After using Big Up Powder, expect to harvest much larger and harder flowers than previous crops.

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