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*Shipping & Return Policy*
*Shipping & Return Policy*

Innovative Tool & Design Co2 Controller


Co2 controller by THEPROTECTOR for CO2 generators and regulators are perfect for green house and indoor grow room usage.


THEPROTECTOR by INNOVATIVE T&D, is born in a 75-year-old Family-Owned 3rd Generation manufacturing facility with extensive engineering experience, capabilities and R&D in various

high quality products we manufacture for the different market sectors.

THEPROTECTOR (INDUSTRIAL GRADE) Products Provide the capability to accommodate most of all Cannabis and greenhouse Growing required equipment.


THEPROTECTOR Co2 controller, along with other products we make in our various manufacturing plants are work ready, tested and re-tested until we are convinced of readiness for customer safe and durable usage.

THEPROTECTOR, is unique, unlike any competitors in the market.

THEPROTECTOR is ready for Industrial and home applications, easy for transportation, storage, ETC.