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Ona Pro Block 6 oz

by Ona

The ONA Block is a small, quiet workhorse when it comes to odor control. It can be put anywhere and forgotten until the odors return. Put it in your gym bag, entrance closet or under your car seat, and it will neutralize the strongest odors, without being noticed.

Ona Blocks are a fast and easy way to fight against odors at their source. Simply open and expose to the air or remove the block from the container. The duration of the block will vary but it will be effective for about 4 weeks relative to the airflow and environment around the block. To limit the amount of odor control and extend the life of the block, drill holes through the lid making it excellent for clothing storage, gym bags and diaper pails.

ONA Blocks are ideal for pet smells around dog baskets, litter trays and toilets. Cars, boats and motor homes are suitable for Blocks especially when they have been in storage and subject to dampness or mustiness! The ONA Block will release its powerful odor neutralizing agent and keep the location free from undesirable odors. Replace as necessary