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*Shipping & Return Policy*
Prevent Calcium & Magnesium

Prevent Calcium & Magnesium Deficiencies

Generally speaking, there are a primary set of nutrients and variables that virtually every plant needs to prosper in growth. In regards to the growth of plants, a focal point tends to surround the style of growth as well as the route of Organic or Synthetic Growth. While those are important for any grower to understand, a focal point should similarly surround the topic of Cal-Mag and the impact of a potential deficiency for a plant. Simply put, Cal-Mag is a compounded supplement consisting of Calcium and Magnesium. Often times, these Cal-Mag compounds also include iron as the three nutrients tend to go hand-in-hand in terms of deficiency within a plant. Having noted that, one should first recognize the importance of these nutrients prior to discussing the impact that a compound has on the plants.

The two aforementioned nutrients within Cal-Mag are extremely imperative in the photosynthesis process as well as the structure maintenance of the particular plant. Based on the fact that these nutrients tie into one another, a calcium deficiency will often result in a consequential magnesium deficiency as well. As we noticed this conflict in a significant amount of our readers' plants, we decided to create our own compound of nutrients to assist in resolving the conflicts coming from a deficiency in any of these nutrients. A calcium deficiency will often be visible through an extremely slowed growth process, an unhealthy new growth, and some brown spotting that will not disappear. A Magnesium deficiency, on the other hand, appears on the bottom of the plant where leaves will turn a light green and eventually a yellowing color without necessary treatment. With the recognition of these symptoms, it is important for readers to recognize that Cal-Mag supplements SHOULD NOT be used to stimulate faster growth. That is to note, these supplements have a primary reasoning of curing a conflict of deficiency within the plant. Often times, newer growers will begin recognizing these nutrient problems; however, they do not know where to look to resolve it for an effective yet cheap process. Fortunately for that targeted group, we have formulated our own supplement and compound consisting of the necessary calcium and magnesium to bolster the main structures of a plant and to assist in future, healthy growth. Our supplement, named Blu Magic Nutrients So-Cal Storm, is comprised of 3.2% calcium and 1.2% magnesium. Additionally, a massive positive of our specific supplement revolves around the ability for the purchaser to use this product throughout all stages of growth without any risk of harming the plant or the yield at the end of the cycle -- it quite literally resolves the nutrient deficiency without any harm to the plant or it's product. Plus, who doesn't want to support a domestic company creating and marketing the product all within the borders of the United States? Our So-Cal Storm has proven effective for all purchasers, as it consists of a necessary levels of calcium and magnesium that tend to be lacking in the majority of nutrient systems currently out there!

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What to look for!

You may need a Cal-Mag supplement if…

  • Using reverse osmosis (RO) or soft water
  • Growing in coco coir
  • Your plant is showing a deficiency in Calcium (brown spots), Magnesium (lower leaves turn yellow between the veins) or Iron (bright yellow new growth) even though the pH is correct
  • Some growers always include a Cal-Mag supplement

You may need more nitrogen (N) if…

  • Bottom leaves are wilting, turning yellow, and falling off on their own

You may need less nitrogen (N) if…

  • Plant is in the flowering stage
  • Leaves are dark green
  • Leaf tips are clawed
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