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Green Cleaner

Spider mites and other pests are especially problematic to indoor gardens. Few natural predators are present indoors and plants are often packed closely together. Spider mites are tiny and hard to see, so often they can establish an infestation long before the signs are spotted. Even when those little specks show up on leaves, they often can be misdiagnosed as nutrient imbalance or other less malignant cause. Spider mites reproduce rapidly and are often very difficult to eliminate, especially if the eggs are not destroyed, often seeming to relent and then suddenly reappearing stronger than ever. Spider mites can reproduce rapidly, and often develop resistance to countermeasures when not entirely eradicated. Severe infestations can destroy entire crops in a matter of days.

With Green Cleaner, spider mites don’t need to ruin your crop. Green Cleaner is a natural pesticide, insecticide, fungicide, and miticide, all in one. It immobilizes, suffocates, and destroys garden pests as well as their eggs, so there is nothing left to develop resistances. Furthermore, it’s effective against powdery mildew as well. Green Cleaner is all natural and can be used safely during any plant stage from clone through day of harvest.

Green Cleaner has several different mechanisms of action. First the soybean oil coats the pest itself, immobilizing and suffocating it. Second, sodium lauryl sulfate acts as a surfactant to allow better plant coverage while the sulfates further clog external pores on your pests. Then the isopropyl alcohol evaporates, taking away residual product on the plant, while dehydrating the pests. Lastly, the citric acid lowers the pH on the leaf surface to help prevent further infestation of various pests, while simultaneously preventing oxidation of essential oils on the plant, leaving smell, aroma, and flavor intact.

Green Cleaner is best used before flowering as Spider Mites can hide in the flower itself and become very difficult to eliminate. As always, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Whenever you introduce a new clone, be sure to quarantine it and use Green Cleaner before it is mixed with the general population of your garden. Keep your garden free of dead or dying foliage, and keep a close eye on your plants to recognize early signs and symptoms.

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