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Enzymes Komplete Natural Enzymatic Cleaner


Enzymes Komplete is a wide spectrum natural enzymatic cleaner which has NO comparison on the worldwide market! The name Enzymes Komplete has a deep meaning because it represents a Complete and Well Balanced Enzymatic Formula with a Mint Twist. It is a unique, natural, environmentally-friendly, biodegradable, and absolutely non-GMO enzymatic cleaner. The Mint Twist is a unique and complex formulation of various species of mint and blended together with Enzymes Komplete. Because it’s so concentrated, Enzymes Komplete lets you do so much with so little. Even if you’re short on storage space, you’ll still be able to add plenty of vibrancy to your garden. Enzymes Komplete Recommended Use: All growing media (rockwool, coco fibre, soilless and others); Water reservoirs, watering tools, watering and hydroponic systems, water equipment, gardening tools, machinery, greenhouses, working surfaces, etc.; Soilless media / seedling trays; Cutting / media preparation; Foliar equipment cleanse/rinse/wash; For compost enclosure treatment.