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 Valuable Crop Specific Formulation: Eliminates the use of antiquated toxic pesticides or insecticides. Increased purity, health, brix and yield of agricultural related crops and plants are realized. Extremely cost effective; all sizes from 16 ounces to 5,000 gallon tanks. The Agricultural industry is our food supply and the vast majority of the crops are testing positive for pesticide, insecticide and herbicide residues. PureCrop1 provides a safe, proven valuable formula in replacing toxic pesticides, insecticides or microbial additives. PureCrop1 increases the overall purity, health, brix count and yield of agricultural related crops. The PureCrop1 liquid formula is the solution to increasing Prop65 legal issues and associated fines regarding toxic crop control chemicals and health hazards. PureCrop1 is exempt under FIFRA 25) b Federal Regulations. PureCrop1 is made from all natural plant extracts, and all ingredients are on the FDA approved GRAS and EAFUS list of