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Orders Ship Same Day!
Orders Ship Same Day!

Drain Away Drain Tray White

Designed to make all aspects of growing potted plants easier and cleaner. The Drain Away tray features an elevated center pedestal to make sure your container is never sitting in a puddle. The gutter is slightly sloped towards the spout so all water is directed to the drain and away from your growing area. Using the Drain Away drain tray also eliminates staining on decks or patios and can be used to recycle water. Our trays are made durable with ABS plastic that has added UV inhibitors to help maintain the life of your tray in all growing situations.
  • 3/4″ standard threaded drain spout
  • UV inhibitors
  • Elevated center pedestal
  • Sloped gutter for optimum drainage
  • Works with a variety of container sizes and materials


• Using a PVC pipe for the drain pipe will ensure a sturdy flat drain line!

• Bumping the drainpipe up to 1” will facilitate a heavier flow. This is also recommended for large gardens.

A single solution for standing water.

With the Drain Away Drain Tray you can now have beautiful potted plants on your deck, around your pool, or in front of your business without the mess of staining your area with the plant's water run off. Our drain tray is designed with a sloped gutter and a threaded spout so you are in control of where your water goes!

Where do you use it? 

The better question is where wouldn't you use it? The Drain Away Drain Tray is perfect for the garden, indoor grow rooms, patio decks, and more. Customize your setup by connecting multiple Drain Away Drain Trays together for 100% water drainage.

What makes Drain Away Drain Tray so great? 

You can water another plant or simply avoid a stain on the patio using a Drain Away Drain Tray! The Drain Away Drain Tray is made of sturdy ABS plastic and comes in 2 sizes with 3 different colors to accommodate a variety of garden projects. Made in the USA!