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Bluelab Meter Carry Case

by Bluelab
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Bluelab is excited to introduce a new accessory which makes transporting and using their Meters even easier!

The Bluelab Carry Case provides a custom fit so you can use and read your Bluelab Meter right from the carry case. A firm outer casing offers impact reduction for your Meter. There are two pockets in the top of the case especially made for meter probes. The internal strap is a tidy way to tuck away the probe cables.

Removable and adjustable straps provide even more comfort and convenience. The strap can be hung on the wall or used over your shoulder, keeping the Meter safe and dry in the carry case so only the probes go into the nutrient container. In-between use, we recommend placing dry probes into the pockets. Simply zip the Carry Case to close it, then tuck away safely for storage or transport.

Ideal for use with the following Bluelab Meters

Bluelab Combo Meter Bluelab pH Meter Bluelab Soil pH Meter Bluelab pH and PPM Pens Main Features:

Firm outer casing offers impact reduction for meter Two custom pockets to insert Bluelab Probes Internal strap to tuck probe cables away tidily Net pocket for meter to sit in & shoulder strap to hold in place Strong nylon strap - length can be easily adjusted 3x 'D' hooks at top of outer case for hanging 2x zips to close case