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Orders Ship Same Day!
Orders Ship Same Day!

Bluelab pH Controller Connect with Clever Monitoring, Dosing and Data Logging of Solution pH Levels

by Bluelab

Sometimes the more you know the better. And when it comes to managing the pH of your nutrient solution, exact knowledge makes the world of difference. Our brainy pH controller connect constantly monitors and fine tunes the pH levels for you. But more than that, it wirelessly data logs to your computer too, putting continuous information at your fingertips. Use the data to make system changes faster for the ultimate crop. You can also change the controller settings from your pc. This model excludes the Bluelab connect stick and is purchased when you already have a Bluelab connect stick. International power supply included.

Doses pH up or down - use with undiluted Bluelab pH up or down solutions
Data logs to your computer - compatible with the Bluelab connect stick
Automatic control and monitoring of system pH with reservoirs up to 200 us gallons / 760 l
Replaceable peristaltic pump, pH and temperature probes
Flashing high and low alarms