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Cyco Nutrients Zyme


Cyco manufactures and sells ZYME; a nutrient unlike any other on the US market. ZYME is produced with a special ingredient (a certain enzyme) that acts as the seeds‰۪ food source prior to rooting. This food source keeps the seed alive while also fostering a strong immune system. Furthermore, this helps break down old plant matter. Even cooler, the resulting plants look so perfect that they could be mistaken for plastic!

The enzyme in ZYME is a catalyst to hydrolyze carbohydrates by breaking down the plants‰۪ starches. Breaking down starches is a necessary step in plant development in that they turn into sugars that act as the plants‰۪ main source of energy during early development.
The special enzyme (which is to remain unnamed so as to increase curiosity and to not give away family secrets) is designed to assist plants in surviving initial developmental stages rather than dying away.

Cyco Platinum Series Zyme enhances growth when used in hydroponic and soil free systems such as coco coir. Cyco Zyme is an additive that can be used all through the veg and flowering stages of plant development that aids the breaking down of organic matter into use-able components and sugars that then become immediately available to the plant. Cyco Zyme also contains traces quantities of NPK to aid development.

Longer shelf life than its competitors.

Increase your nutrient uptake.

More Zyme for your money!

Available in 1, 5, 20 Litres