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Front Row AG Clean Up

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Front-Row Ag Clean Up is both a pH Up adjuster and line cleaner, in one product. It can be injected into main storage tanks or set up with your fertigation system. It can also be used strictly as a water sterilizer for cleaning systems. 

Clean Up is a pH-up adjuster perfect for Reverse Osmosis (RO) water or tap water up to 120 ppm carbonate/bicarbonate. 

Clean Up combines pH adjusting carbonates and hypochlorous acid to deliver results. 

Clean Up comes as a white, dry, soluble powder that can be added directly to a reservoir or made into a stock concentrate and injected.

Reservoir Instructions: 0.1-0.2 g/Gallon until the perfect pH is achieved.

Stock Concentrate: 23 g/gallon (15 minute mix time)- 46 g/gallon (1 hour mix time) 

Injection: At 23 g/gallon 0.25-0.66%  

Keep Everything Clean and Balanced!