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Orders Ship Same Day!

Wipe Out Insecticide/miticide Spider Mite Insect Killer

by Wipeout
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Wipe out is the ultimate solution to eliminate spider mite infestations safely, quickly and permanently! Wipe Out is NON-SYSTEMIC Are spider mites your worst nightmare? We certainly think so. There is nothing more devastating than finding creepy crawlies and their eggs on the plants that you are caring for. Our mission was to develop the best product for fighting the problem that most gardeners eventually have to deal with. The answer to your problem is as easy as using Wipe Out.

Wipe Out was proudly developed and is made in Michigan. It is designed to make the task of eliminating spider mites a simple process. Wipe Out scientifically blended formula is an all-natural solution made from a combination of plant extract oils. It contains no harmful or dangerous chemicals to the plant whatsoever. You can feel confident using it.

Wipe Out works quickly by infiltrating the insect's body causing instantaneous suffocation. This all-natural product is the safest method of spider mite extermination on the market today.

Wipe Out effectively targets and eliminates a variety of pests. Use Wipe-Out for:

Spider Mites - Two-Spotted Spider Mites - Whitefly - Aphids Thrips - Slugs - Earthworms - Mole Crickets - Mosquito Larva

Wipe Out is fast, safe & long-lasting natural protection for your most valuable plants.
The Spider Mite life Cycle

Understanding the spider mite life cycle will help those growers and gardeners suffering from infestations to address the serious problem. For instance, gaining an understanding of the conditions in which spider mites thrive will help growers to recognize when the use of organic products is necessary. Spider mite infestations are often recognized by the speckled yellowish marks that they leave in their path when feeding on plant cells.

As the first sign of a spider mite invasion, these speckled yellow-white marks must be recognized immediately. If left unaddressed, the infestations will quickly kill the plants cells entirely. Those slow to come across a spider mite infestation may be too late. The following chart of spider mites' life cycle provides an excellent look into the importance of immediately addressing an invasion.