Humboldt Nutrients Big Up Powder

Humboldt Nutrients Big Up Powder

From $26.29

Big Up Powder is specifically formulated to efficiently deliver high levels of phosphorous and potassium to the fruit or flower. When used during the first week of flower, Big Up Powder flips the switch and forces your plant into producing multiple flowering sites. When used...
Humboldt Nutrients Bloom Natural

Humboldt Nutrients Bloom Natural


Bloom Natural 0-10-0 If you were looking for a natural bloom formula with some major punch to it, you have found it. Humboldt Nutrients Bloom Natural is an ultra-concentrated natural bloom formula designed to give your plants the large phosphorus and calcium boost needed during...
Humboldt Nutrients Ginormous Gallon

Humboldt Nutrients Ginormous

From $21.99

GIANT flowers and ENORMOUS fruits are what we all want to harvest consistently throughout our lives. Humboldt Nutrients is here to help you accomplish that goal. Through extensive research and development, the Humboldt Nutrients teams of agronomists and chemists have created Ginormous (0-18-16), the freshest...
Humboldt Nutrients Honey Hydro Quart

Humboldt Nutrients Honey Hydro Carbs

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Humboldt Honey Hydro Carbs is an excellent source of carbohydrates for all plants. It promotes and facilitates the growth of beneficial bacteria and fungi in your soil or soilless media, and dramatically enhances the quality of any plant's fruit. Hydro Carbs are the fuel of...
Humboldt Nutrients Honey Organic ES Gallon

Humboldt Nutrients Honey Organic ES

From $19.99

Humboldt Nutrients Humboldt Honey ES is a premium blend of cane molasses, yucca, kelp and ocean fish. This carb source is as unique as it is strong. The ES means Extra Strength. It increases brix levels by providing sugars to beneficial bacteria, fungi, and your...
Humboldt Nutrients White Widow

White Widow

From $70.99

Humboldt nutrients is proud to launch our newest and most powerful soluble Mycorrhizal, white widow. White widow is a Mycorrhizal powder containing an extremely high and diverse amount of mycological spores. With white widow the speed and aggressiveness of your plant's root development is unprecedented....
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