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GroVision High Performance

GroVision High Performance Shades

So you invested in all those HID lamps and now it’s so bright it feels like you’re staring into the sun every time you go to perform your routine plant maintenance. Your eyes are valuable, and a vital tool for your growing operation. Don’t risk your eye sight and don’t suffer with uncomfortable blinding light during your daily plant maintenance. Reduce eye strain and protect your eyes from flying debris, splash risks, and intense light with Gro Vision High Performance Shades. Gro Vision shades feature polycarbonate lenses meeting ANSI z87.1 standard for impact protection, while filtering out harmful and irritating high intensity light.

Grow Vision High Performance Shades are designed with the indoor grower in mind. They specifically filter out grow light spectrums such as those commonly found in HID, HPS, MH, LED, and the Sun. Grow Vision glasses also filter out Infra Red, Ultra Violet A&B, and orange/yellow light. All of this filtering combines to reduce glare, improve contrast, and correct color. With reduced glare and more clarity, you can more easily inspect your plants for disease, malnutrition, pests, etc… and catch potential problems early while they can be more effectively managed.

Grow Vision High Performance Shades come in four different models, Classic, Lite, Pro, and Ultra. All four models provide glare reduction, color correction, and improved contrast. However, the different models vary in their level of eye protection, fit, and style. The Classic model is a wayfarer style frame with little to no side protection, where as the lite, pro, and ultra have varying levels of side and wrap around protection, as well as a more modern sport style frame. These shades are sturdy enough for daily protective use, yet stylish enough to wear out in public on those sunny days.

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